Indoor Rock Climbing

Most people these days start climbing in an indoor gym, which is good because it minimizes start-up costs.
As the gyms provide rope, quick draws (which comes to $300 in gear), the only items that the starter climber has to
buy are:

1) Harness

Black Diamond

My harness cost $70 CAD, but the price range is from $30-$115

2) Locking Carabiner
Locking Carabiner

Carabiners hold your weight when you fall. In fact it holds 20kN/ 4500lbs of force…which is roughly 45 me’s. Feel Safe!
The locking function prevents the rope from accidentally slipping out.
Cost <$10

3) Biner


Used to anchor yourself to the floor when belaying someone heavier that you
Cost <$7

4) Shoes

Choosing a good pair of climbing shoes is hard! It has to fit uncomfortably tight, but not so tight that walking or moving is difficult. More advance shoes use velcro or are slippers instead of shoelaces.
The purpose of climbing shoes is to create grip on the rock and for your feet to act like a 3/4th ‘hand’

Cost $85-$150

5) Chalk and chalk bag

Good ol’ chalk. Keeps your hand for getting too slippery from hand sweat.

Cost $10

6) Belay Device


There are several types of Belay Device, but for the beginner the most all-around device is the ATC. The ATC is essential for belaying the climbing up and bringing them down.

Happy Climbing!



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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