The most ballin' cabin in the west coast

The Vancouver summer weather has practically been non-existent. So, last weekend, me and some friends spent some time in the coolest cabin EVER in Mazama, WA. Architecturally, it is very modern. But inside, the interior design is very unique too; with ply-wood looking walls to give the interior an incomplete look. But possibly the coolest feature of this cabin is its windows. Using a large wheel, one can move simultaneously all 4 rust walls to cover the windows, this completely seals the cabin up in case of winter storms, or just need of privacy. IMG_0300The owner of this cabin runs a very neat glam-camp as well. Small 2-person cabins that are fashioned similar to this rust cabin, next to the campsite is a restaurant that serves delicious tapas, sandwiches and brunch. Something you never expect in such a small town in the middle of nowhere. (their cocktail list is immense). Google: Mazama rolling huts.

Mazama is very quaint and very country. The town itself looks like it came out of a western movie.

But out and about there are some wonderful rock climbing spots. Unlike the Canadian climbing routes however, they are wonderfully labeled and mapped out. Most of the climbs ranged from 5.8-5.10d with bolted (up to 12 quickdraws needed), traditional or top rope climbs (quick walk to the top of the cliff).We were quite lucky to miss the rain that hit the area right after our climbing session. (The East Coast is having record heat wave, and the West Coast is having record rain. Life is not fair)IMG_0321 The one thing I recommend bring to Mazama is mosquito repellent. Everyone got attacked (Except for the locals).

Mazama and area also has some pretty lakes and campgrounds. No pictures to show for though because me and my friends were too busy having fun trying to fit 4 grown adults into a 2 person inflatable boat meant for kids. But I did get some shots of gorgeous weather!


The deer’s were also in abundance here.


Since we were only in Mazama for 1.5 days, we couldn’t enjoy all the hiking / outdoor activities that it had to offer. But we did manage to squeeze in a hike up Goat’s Peak. I was led to believe that a hermit lived there year-round on top of the mountain; rarely leaving the mountain top and instead spent his life viewing thunderstorms from up in the clouds. Actually, I met this hermit ; he did live on top of the mountain but only in the summer. Still pretty neat way to live!


The Cabin consisted of 4 walls made of windows. Pretty damm fine view if you ask me… Even Lightning Bill (the hermit) said it was an unusually cold summer as normally the snow would have melted a few months ago. But as in our case, it didn’t happen so we went down the mountain the only way we know how to.



The weekend ended far too quickly. But I will be back! Not only was Mazama beautiful and fun; the highway there is spectacular!



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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