Travel plans for 2012

M has 22 days of vacation next year, I have 18. Plans plans plans.

1.) Go to Hong Kong.

Its a  big city and its where I hail from. A time to see the parents, be spoiled silly with good food and excellent shopping. I just hope I don’t decide to go in the summer because it is so hot and humid; its like being in a smoggy sauna all day.

2) Go to Los Angeles

Urban sprawl at its finest. Time to visit some friends.

3) West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, BC

Considered one of the top 10 hikes in the world by many travel magazines; it is only half a day drive from where we live. A 75km long trail on the west coast of Vancouver Island, it is supposedly rugged, beautiful and a tough hike .

Some challenges:

– Since we are planning a May trip,  we must prepare ourselves mentally for rain, lots and lots of it.

-Its expensive to get there and hike. Only one company offers a bus shuttle service to and from the trail head and it costs around $175 for a round trip ride from Victoria! On top of that, the hiking fees for the trail is $160 per person (in 2011)

-More info on this hike next year.

4) Probably one or two days of climbing. Other than our backyard Squamish cliffs. A trip to Skaha in Penticton or Frenchman Coulee in Washington seems fun.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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