Sailing away to 2012

New Years Eve, 2011. M and I had were invited to go sailing around the Georgia Straight in Vancouver, as a daydreamer in sailing trips around the world, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass.

Having zero sailing experience, I gleefully hopped in to a 24 foot sailboat and attempted to be as helpful as I could. M was, as usual, far more useful than me. In the past 2 weeks, it was the first sunny day in Vancouver.




Overall, my first impressions with sailing has been mighty fine. Steering is a bit interesting as I found out that when you face the wrong side of the wind, the main sail will swing quite quickly to the other side of the boat at such a force that knocking someone out is quite the possibility. My favourite part was when (excuse my lack of sailing jargon) the boat is tilted and it feels like the keel will almost come out of the water….. SPEED! POWER!


Sailing was a blast, and I hope to try it again soon. Hopefully in warmer weather as I was bundled up like an overstuffed chicken.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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