A tourist in rainy Vancouver

You are a tourist who decided for some odd reason to visit Vancouver in the winter. Perhaps you thought Vancouver would be a winter wonderland, or that it would be sunny…. This is when I would say… “ Hello! Reality Check! This it Vancouver, it only rains 250 days a year and is cloudy for the other 50!!!” But that is besides the point, you are in Vancouver, its cold, its damp, its rainy everywhere. What are you going to do for a week!!!???


1) Eat Japanese food. Eat Chinese food. Eat Indian food. Eat fusion. Just pig out, that way, you will sleep through the week from self-induced food coma.

2) Go skiing in the local mountains. Warning: if it is raining and its more than 8 degrees in Vancouver, its going to be raining on top of the mountains too.

3) Go snow tubing. Fun, even when it is raining.

4) Ice Skate- not outdoors! Its raining! Robson square has a free rink, but community centres have inexpensive ones too.

5) Visit the museums. The Vancouver Art Gallery is enjoyable. I have heard great things about the Anthropology Museum. But lets face it, how often to locals go into museums.

6) Go watch some sports games.

7) Go drink yourself silly

8) Just GIVE IN. Its going to rain for your whole trip anyways. Just suck it up , wear a rain jacket, carry an umbrella and do what tourists do.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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