Rock climbing in Hong Kong

We have been in Hong Kong for 7 days now and have spent 3 of those days climbing. This is very exciting as climbing in HK is filled with the wonderful skylines, mountain crags and lonely islands all within reach by some form of public transport.

Here are 3 crags we climbed:

1) Central crags.

Central crags is very interesting because of its’ location. To reach the central crags one has to walk through the central business district, up the mid-level escalators, towards the peak. Walking through the CBD with climbing gear is always bring’s strange looks.

Only in Hong Kong can you climb with views like this:


Approach: We tried following the HK climbing website instructions  on how to reach the climb but had quite a lot of difficulty on finding the crag.  From Old Peak Road, go up until the traffic becomes one way. Walk another 50m until a small rest stop and turn right along the small path. Currently (Dec 2012) there is demolition and if one walks around 5-10 mins one will see a wooden ladder that goes up the hill. Right after the ladder, there is a drainage channel that consists of rock blocks/boulders that you have to climb up. After going up the drainage channel, one will hit a wall that is damp and wet. On the right side is Austin Powers crag, and on the left is a fixed line that leads to Soho crag.

2) Lion’s Peak

Kowloon’s iconic peak. To reach this is a hike from the entrance of the park. Most of the climbs are multi-pitch sports. We tried climbing “Gweilo”  which is a 5 pitch 4-5+ grade. It was so much fun, especially since it was our first multi-pitch! Unfortunately, due to time constraints we were only able to complete 3 pitches but it was fun and amazing nonetheless. Lion’s Peak will be conquered!

“Gweilo” is the Cantonese term for white guy. We thought it would be pretty funny if M, being a “Gweilo” lost the rope and was stuck on “Gweilo”.

As we only had 1 rope between 3 people, we climbed with C tied to the middle of the rope while M held the rear, Below is a photo of our belay station. Messy or clean?


Rappelling down a pitch after running out of time. Can anyone spot the lion’s head rock formation?

IMG_28893) Tung Long Dao/Chou

This is the premier climbing spot in Hong Kong. It is located on Tune Long Dao. 东龙岛。 About a 30 minute ride away from HK island. Ferries and shops there only operate on the weekends and it is beautiful! It is hard to believe we are so close to the city but it feels like we are on some tropical island.

When we reached technical wall, we were the only party there. And throughout the rest of the day there was only one other group of 3 that joined us. According to our friends who regularly go climb there, they had never seen it so empty as normally the entire wall is packed. What luck!

While it was December while we climbed, the sun was scorching and it must have been +25c as the rocks were hot to touch. Me and M got as burnt as a lobster.

Ferry to island:


Island paradise:


Pretty nice day:

东龙岛 technical wall

Climbing in Hong Kong is great and easy to do. We are climbed out! and look forward to our next opportunity to climbed in HK.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

2 thoughts on “Rock climbing in Hong Kong

  1. Nice write up of HK climbing. I’m thinking of doing Gweilo in November. Saw that you ran out of time, how long did it take you to finish the first 3 pitches? Was it a tricky start? (Obviously the amount of time it takes to climb is dependent on a large number of factors, but I’d just be interested to hear how long it took you, not sure if we should be leaving a half day or a full day for it)

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