I love Taiwan

I love Taiwan, particularly Taipei. 3 years ago I moved to Taipei to live for 8 months. Mainly to learn Chinese but also manages to teach English on the side. The time I spent there was filled to adventures. Taipei and surroundings is filled with amazing hiking , night markets and hotsprings. However the most unforgettable was the nightlife.

This time around I went with M, D and parents.

While we were in Taipei we visited:

Yeliu which has rock formations shaped by the wind. The most famous one is called queens head but the years of erosion has left the queen to be just a giant nose.

Beitou for its hotsprings. I finally did the top level hotness at 45c for 1 min! Then a quick dip to ice cold pool.

Danshui for its view and atmosphere.

Taipei 101

Eating at Ding Tai Feng for its xiao long bao

And all the night markets. ( my favourite is Shida for the many memories I have there)

At night time we joined my friends B and MY for drinking at some bars, KTV, and clubbing at Luxy. Good times! Luxy had a paint night and we ended up getting our clothes quite messy . Booze in Taiwan is so cheap compared to Canada, we went to a shot bar and it was only 400 NT or 13$ Cad for 9 shots! But I digress.


Ktv: $10cad/pp/3 hours. I hate singing…


After my parents left. Happy 30th anniversary parents! We went to Taichung to see another night market and visit a friend E. E is my meat and booze friend , he has a family and while I live in Taipei and he was working there we met up for language exchange. We only ever sat in hot springs, eat and drink 🙂 great times!

For NYE we spent it in Kenting. My first time. We blew up fireworks, so much fun!!!



Afterwards M went back to Vancouver to work while I continue my sabbatical with D . first stop: Malaysia!

Side note: how Taiwan people aren’t obese I do not now. Every drink is filled with so much sugar, all food is salty or deep fried. Our hotel owner chased 20m after us on a scooter after his wife told him we were waking 2km to the night market!

Funny ATM warning:



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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