I will never forget Langkawi

O Langkawi, I think you will forever be part of me, literally.

Yesterday while driving a rental scooter I forgot Malaysia drives on the right side ( normally I drive on the left) and made a wide left turn instead of a short one.


The resulting effect was me and D crashing into an oncoming car. Luckily for both of us the scooter took the brunt of the damage and we had helmets on. D suffered from road burn and bruising while I in addition got a cut on my forearm deep enough to require 6 stitches .

The car driver immediately called an ambulance for us as I was bleeding. D was being incredibly helpful as I think I was in a bit of a shock as I was sweating profusely and was unable to concentrate hehe.

The doctor assisted us quite fast and we were in and out of the hospital in an hour! I must say the level of service and efficiency in treating us is much higher than in Canada. This efficiency was also shown in Brazil when I went to the hospital. Can it be that developing countries are actually better at healing the minor injuries than first world countries? I thinks so!

When we went to pay the bills both of us were concerned as we had been unable to call our insurance company. Lol and behold, my ambulance ride, stitches, tetanus shot and medication came to 50rm or $16 cad! Don’t think I will claim this 🙂

Lastly came the motorcycle. We had left it at the intersection when the ambulance came. After we left the hospital we were a bit stressed about retrieving it. And amazingly, the scooter rental agency already picked it up, talked to the guy whose car I hit, determined the cost of damages and even drove to the hospital to pick us up only to find we had already left 20 mins prior. The damages only came to 700rm given I had banged up both vehicles. At around $220 cad I think this is quite reasonable and had this occurred in Canada my cost would have been a lot higher.

As we’re unable to reach our hotel, The Box Chalet a very trustworthy taxi driver ( very honest!) told us the best place to heal was probably at pentai cenang beach and even showed us a beach front hotel at very reasonable rates!

I must say that the people of Langkawi are the nicest and most helpful ever! Today me and D are relaxing at the beach under the shade as we aren’t allowed to swim.

The only quip I have about the whole ordeal is that The Box Chalet, which was my original booking refused to give me a refund even though I explained my situation. They are getting a bad review.

Travel tips:

Rent scooters from the kiosk outside the ferry terminal. It costs 40rm a day.

White food is expensive , stick with Malay.

Taxi drivers actually have a book that shows them how much to charge for a particular destination. It’s good to insist on seeing the book.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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