Kuala Lumpur and Penang

With M gone back to Canada, D and I fly south to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This would be my 3rd time In the city. As we flew the red eye flight on Air Asia overly tiny seats and ice cold plane we arrived at he low cost airport at 4am. We groggily bought tickets to Sentral for 8 rm one way and tried to get some shut eye.

We dumped our bags. ( both only 30 L packs ) into the train station lockers and bought tickets to Batu Caves. The ride was 2 rm and 30mins long. By 730am we had already climbed up the many flights of stairs and I am quite impressed at the caves. There really was not much to see , but it was still a pretty cave nonetheless. We arrived so early we were one of a few tourists, most others were devout Hindus attending the 8am prayer.


By 830am we were boarding the train back to Sentral. However we were quite exhausted and the prospect of hanging about until 11pm for the night train to Butterworth/ Penang was quite unappealing. So we decided to joyride the train from one end of the line to the other end and back while we snoozed in the female only compartment. A most excellent idea as we woke up 3.5hours later somewhat refreshed!

Next up we went to Little India an had the most excellent food! Malaysia is so much warmer than HK or Taiwan , me and D we sweating buckets. We also checke out the Chow Kit market and window shopped around the big shopping area of KL. D was pretty stoked to see H&M, Forever 21 and Sephora as she had even living in Australia for awhile and there is not any of those stores there! What Aussies are missing out! We ended the night watching the new movie Les Miserables. Watching a movie in Malaysia is only 13 Rm! That’s like $4.33 Cad !!!

The night train was uneventful and Managed a few winks as we had bought tickets for sleeper bed (7h, 46rm). By the time we took the ferry across to Penang from Butterworth it was only 7am. As I don’t trust taxi drivers and don’t like bargaining / getting ripped off we took the bus to our hostel.

Our hostel, whose name and logo is a complete ripoff of Facebook ( it’s called Fastbook Hostel) was a bits away from Georgetown. About a 40-50min bus ride from the Jetty stop was quite decent. We checked in early , took a much needed shower and snoozed a bit.

Georgetown is a Unesco city due to it preserving its late 19th early 20th century architecture and colonial buildings. Quite quaint ! It has lots of cool nooks and crannies to explore. Artists has also painted all over the walls of the old city and tourists enjoy it as they get to walk around and spot neat graffiti.


We also checked out Kik Lok Si (極樂寺) a Buddhist temple and a big statue. Entrance was mostly free and pretty nice as it looks like they are in prices of slowly re-colouring the paint and reroofing. The only downside is the temple is completely filled with hawkers selling buddhist trinkets and other junk . But they weren’t annoying so that’s cool.


For dinner I had the best Koay Dhew ever! All for 4rm. I also learnt you must order drinks at the hawkers able if you sit down or they just stare at you! Since they don’t have menus and only speak Malay , I ended up just pointing at the table next to me and said 1 please ! Turns out I was drinking chocolate milk:)

As this was the first real bed we crashed at 10pm. Now on my way to Langkawi by boat!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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