Rai Leh

For he last three days we have been in Rai Leh (Railey) in Krabi province, Thailand. I have to say it has become one of my favourite destinations in the world.

After staying a night at uneventful Krabi town we took the songthaew for 50 baht to Ao Nang where we boarded a long tail boat to Rai Leh for 100 baht. We had to wade through thigh deep water to board the long tail , luckily our backpacks were so small it wasn’t difficult. Later on we saw people carrying giant suitcases and that was quite humorous.

We met up with my friend T and bought along a couple of friends. One of whom was J, the Aussie who now lived in the area to climb. He was quite the character and I gather from our little conversations he had lived quite the life.

Anyways, we spent 2 days climbing around Railay. I went easy on myself as my stitches on my forearm gave me some concern but otherwise I did some 6a and 6b climbs. D completed her first climb ever! The climbs around Railey is so varied and there are so many it would keep you entertained for an age.

On the last day of climbing the boys did a climb called “best climb of Minnesota”, it was the most epic climb I had ever seen. You basically climb up this massive cave. Afterwards, when the sun had already set, J led us in through and up through the belly of the cave to the top of the cave through a pitch black route consisting of ropes and ladder. We ended the day rappelling down a cliff and wading through the ocean to get back into town. Overall it was one of my most memorable day.

Me climbing:


On our last day we finally had a chance to laze about and enjoy the beach as well as experience my first Thai massage. Bliss!

We later took the ferry from Rai Leh to Phuket. The long tail boat that we had to first get on was parked quite a ways away ( my jean shorts got wet ). The most comical part was seeing a couple have two huge suitcases and the poor husband/boyfriend having to hold each suitcase in each hand and holding it up high ( very tiring) to reach the boat and struggling while the girl just watched on with a small daypack and did nothing. Only to complain that he had splashed water on them!

Sunset in Rai Leh


Tonight we are in Phuket on Patong beach. Our hostel room is right above a club on Bangla road, possible the biggest clubbing / bar street in Thailand . The bass is shaking the room. Outside are go go dancers and sex tourists. Hopefully I can somehow sleep soon. How I miss you so much already Rai Leh .


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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