Off to Bankok after two dreadful days in Patong Beach, Phuket. Got my stitches removed and nurse said my wound is infected ! Now I am on this terrible antibiotics that make me have diarrhea and nausea, fun times!

First off we went to the Mo Chit Weekend Market. It’s so big and everything is so cheap! Even the Thais don’t bargain here as many of the prices are listed. Unfortunately for me, a wave of nausea hit me after a dose of antibiotics and we end up rushing home so I could vomit. hot stuff!

Later at night we went to a fancy night market called Asianatic. The things were a little pricey just because it was a fancy place but it was quite nice to walk around.


On our second day, we checked out the grand palace and surrounding area with an American girl, Miranda that we had met in the hostel. Strange things happen because we get led to a tuk tuk ride around several sites for 20 baht. I never did find out if it was the dreaded gem scam because the tuk tuk driver said we were going to the “export building” which I could only assume was where they sold gems but instead only dropped us off at the backpacker street where we had requested. Strange experience but cheap! However, everyone was so nice to us and kept directing us where to go and see. I do see why Bangkok was named one of the friendliest large city in the world!

The backpacker street Ko San Rd sells everything! Especially fake Ids like Isic cards, college diplomas, press cards, EU citizens cards. You name it yet got it.

We also checked out the Grand palace but I didn’t go in because years ago I went already and didn’t feel like shelling out another 500 baht.


So there is Bangkok. Unfortunately no red night district for me due to my ongoing nausea issue. Hopefully my wound heals soon 😦



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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