Nothing to at about this province except the word “dislike”.

Perhaps it was because it was because we stayed in Patong Beach the “party capital of Thailand” or perhaps because both me and D got food poisoning of some sort. All in all the peaceful idyllic bliss of Rai Leh was shattered the second we stepped of the boat in Phuket.

It was the longest two days of my life and I would have dearly loved to leave as soon as possible if we had not already bought plane tickets to Bangkok.

What I hated about Patong Beach:

The over inflated prices ( smoothies were 120 Baht each!)
street vendors for gogo bars and people holder monkeys chasing you down.
The insane amount of drunk people, young and old.
The fact that the beach is 100% covered by deck chairs that you have to pay for.
The sex tourists. Lots and lots if old white men and multiple young Thai going into love hotels.

Phuket sickens me. It is the worst of Thailand. Filing thing is that in Bangkok we met a Belgian working as a scuba guide in Phuket and he stated because we had come from Krabi province, Phuket stood no chance at all. Well said. I won’t be going back if I can help it.

Side note: Thai islands like Rai Leh every other tourist is Swedish. While in Phuket every other tourist is Russian. lol.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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