Chiang Rai, Myanmar and trekking

Our last bit of travels in Thailand, D and I went further north to Chiang Rai. As D entry stamp into Thailand was about to expire we took a day trip to Myanmar at the border town of Tachilek. Tachilek was uneventful and reminded me of mainland china selling knock off goods , I did eat some delicious street foods and saw the many ethnic cultures of Myanmar. One thing I noticed was that the locals put some sort of gold colour makeup all over their face ( both men and women). I was later told that it is for sun protection and to have a radiant skin. After a short look around and declining any tuk tuk tours around Tachilek we wend back down the border to Mae Sai to stroll around more before heading back down to Chiang Rai.


The next day we joined a two day one night trek. This was the reason for us heading to Chiang Rai as it was less touristy and therefore the ethnic villages were less frequented by tourists. We went through our hotel ” Baan Bua Homestay” and they contacted a agency who then contacted a guide for us.

Our guide was named Sun and he was very good and funny. Also, his English is excellent. We paid $4600 baht for 2 people. We trekked through the mountainside, had a short elephant ride, stayed overnight at an Akha village, visited a few more small villages and ended the trek with a hot spring soak. ( although what we would have preferred was a cold spring!)


On our second day we were joined by an Akha guide named Asam. His English wasn’t so good but he was a master at making toys out of Bamboo and at picking every edible plant for us to try! Asam made us bamboo chopsticks, cup, bowl, gun ( awesome thing), flute, whistle, drum, hat, ring, and walking stick. He also made an awesome gun out of a banana tree. An interesting dish I had at the village was sampling a local dish: stray dog meat. I only had a small bite and it was quite spicy as our guide said it was to cover the smell. However, it tastes similar to pork.



So with that, out Thailand trip ended. Good times.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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