Our next adventure: London To Hong Kong overland!


On March 5th, M and I will be embarking our big trip. Known simply  as “The Trip”. It was last 150 days where we will start from London, UK and end in Hong Kong. Our trip will be mostly overland, save for countries in Europe where flying is cheaper than other forms of public transportation and perhaps a country or two in the Middle East due to current events.

The route:

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 8.25.53 PM

The total distance in a straight line between these 2 cities is 9623km. Obviously we aren’t travelling in a straight line so it will be interesting to find out the total distance is n the end. As to what countries we are going, any country that is somewhat politically stable is fair game.  We will initially fly to London and go immediately onwards to Stockholm, Sweden to visit M’s family for several days. Afterwards, who knows. As our budget is extremely limited, we will be avoiding Western Europe mostly but I do have a desire to explore the southern parts of Italy and see Berlin again. Other than that our plan is to go through some of the “stans” in Asia and enter Western China eventually ending in Hong Kong.

There are so many countries we want to see but so little time. I have been reading forums where people have their travel plans set to stone with even the number of days they are staying at each city! I think that is total overkill. We have decided the best plan is to have no plan at all and just set a  budget as our travel indicator.


I wish we had unlimited funds! Sadly, I have had no luck in the lottery system yet… Our budget, inclusive of insurance and flights is $15000Cad for the both of us. As a lump sum this looks like a lot of money but with our flight from Vancouver to London already booked, BC medical service plan, and travel insurance taken a big chunk of the budget our daily spending limit is $85Cad/day or $42.50/day/person. I do not have to stress how difficult it is to find a hotel under $50/night in Western Europe.

I look at our budget and truth be told am a little worried at how we will be able to maintain it. As we are a couple now, we don’t want to stay in hostel dorms of couch surf anymore; however we are still up for cheap private rooms! I believe to stick to budget, we will have to take the cheapest (slowest) form of transportation when the need arises and to minimize eating out for our meals. And at times, we will have to forego some opportunities (such as cooking classes or something random) and replace them with freebie ones! It will be hard, but we shall make it because failure would mean going home early.

At $85 cad a day combined, I believe our budget in Europe would look something like this:

Cheap private room: $20-$30

Transportation:         $20-$30

Food:                        $15-$25

Misc:                         $10-$30

We will be recording our spending with a nifty app and I hope to be able to post our spending habits as soon as I have more data.

Hopefully we will manage and still have lots of fun! We are very excited for this trip. But first thing first is to sell everything off on Craigslist!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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