Downsizing: Apartment to 30L backpack

I have moved a lot  since I left my parents home. Counting this year, it will be 10 times in 8 years across 5 cities in 4 countries. So I am used to downsizing to 2 suits cases + carry on.However, this time its different as I have my own apartment (a lot of stuff) and I am downsizing to 1 30L backpack which is even smaller than a regular carry on.

We did manage to bring back between to 2 of us, 4 suitcases to HK of which 2 were filled with speakers…. But downsizing is hard once you have an apartment! Its amazing how much you accumulate and buy in just a couple of years.

With only less than 2 weeks to go until our lease ends our plan of attack is:

Sell everything we can off Craigslist at bargin basement prices.

Everything we can’t sell (such as clothes and books) we donate.

Everything else goes to the garbage can.

What a lot of work!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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