Last work visit to China

Unlike my counterpart, my travels throughout Asia have predominantly been for work. My last visit had me venture further north, into Beijing and then on to Weifung.

To say Beijing is big, is an understatement, Beijing is ENORMOUS! Yes there are lots of people, from all parts of the world, but the one thing that makes Beijing stand out form other cities in Asia perhaps, is that no matter how far throughout the city you travel, you always seem to feel like it’s a happening place. I was fortunate enough to be shown around the many seemingly out of place and out of time sites by the people I met. Streets are filled with crowds of people munching on all kinds of delicious foods, and you can easily get lost in the myriad of Hutongs in the city. If you are in Beijing, eat everything, don’t be fussy, it all tastes amazing!

Try something new!
Try something new!

I was amused, albeit also worried by the fact that on certain days i could not see the buildings across the street due to the “fog *cough*  pollution *cough*. But when the skies clear, which is rare, it is worth trekking out to see the Summer Palace, or you know, the Great Wall (Not to mention you get to go down from the Great Wall in a giant slide!)

Summer Palace
Summer Palace, Beijing

Weifung on the other hand, is what mainland China considers to be a smaller city. Small however, is a relative word in China, as Weifung still bolsters a population around 10 million people. Outside of work I unfortunately had little time to experience Weifung apart from the local cuisine, which is known for fish dishes.

Overall, I found people were incredibly hospitable and were in no short supply of energy. I look forward to coming back without work obligations next time.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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