Everything in 22L backpack

For our trip I originally packed for 30L , after stopping by my sisters place I decided to ditch that and use a 22L instead.


What do I have in here?

– 7 t-shirts
– one pair jeans
– one legging
– one bikini
– one black dress
– one jean shorts
– socks
– undies and bras
– camera
– nexus 7
– universal charger
– flip flops
– water boiling immersion coil
– travel towel
– deck or cards
– toiletries and make up
– documents
– umbrella
– gloves
– knitted hat
– a big warm jacket
– scarf
– a plastic knife
– headlamp
– glass, sunglass, contact lens
– secret neck pouch
– cell phone
– laundry line
– notepad and pen
– chargers
– cardigan
– lock
– boots

That’s all I can think of now. And everything fits into the bag ( except jacket and boots). I am also looking for flats but I will get them in Europe later.




Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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