We arrived at Gatwick airport after a 9 hour flight to a typical cloudy and grey London day. Our next flight to Stockholm was at 8am the next morning so to jumpstart our budget lifestyle, we decided we would spend the night at the airport which was at Stansted.

Going from Gatwick to Stansted is quite expensive and far, luckily I had pre-booked Easybus in advance so it only cost us around 17 pounds for the 2 separate buses to and from central London. I had misgiving’s about the service as it was run by Easyjet, the budget carrier but honestly it was quite good. If you arrive early or late you have a 60min window on either side of your chosen time to catch the van, true the van might be overbooked and you would have to wait for the next van, but you get what you paid for. Our trip went smoothly.

Any who we arrived in London and because the next Easy bus station to Standsted was a little while away, we decided to just carry our backpacks and just walk to the station. We checked out Kensington Park, Buckingham Palace, and Hyde Park. A lot of parks! We didn’t even see Big Ben or anything (but that’s ok as we have been to London before). We must have walked at least 10km because my calves were killing me the next day. A good way to start exercising again!

M vs birds


Buckingham Palace at night


What can I say about sleeping in an airport? I wouldn’t do it regularly however I did manage a couple hours of sleep. M unfortunately lost his spot in his makeshift ‘bed’ because he was not mean enough. Lol. There is a free shower in Stansted which is pretty nice and a reasonably priced food store, SparO selling 1 pound sandwiches The airport must having gotten an upgrade because last time I was there in 2008, the airport had nothing and was freezing. (I also slept in the airport that time).

Onwards to Sweden!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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