While in Stockholm we went to the open-air museum which shows the way of life of Sweden in the 19th and early 20th century. Skansen reminds me of all the forts you can see in Canada but much bigger and people diligently enact in them.


Here are some neat photos:

19th century spice shop:

The guy said “welcome to the spice shop” except I heard “welcome to the spy shop” so I was super confused as to where I was for the first 2 minutes.

19th c. storeThis crazy lady pounding away to make almond butter cookies like it was the 19th century. She probably spent a whole day pounding those almonds. Lady, just secretly use a blender instead! no one will know!

Pounding away to make almond shortcake

19thc. centry baking


Another lady spinning yarn the old fashion way. I am amazed these Skansen employee actually have to produce goods the old fashion way instead of just sitting around and talking like most tourist attractions. These people are 100% committed to their jobs!

Yarn spinning


Other things we saw was a zoo for Scandinavian animals. The seals looked pretty sad as their tank was overgrown with green algae. The reindeers looked very lonely being fenced away from the only other reindeer. But the other animals were happy-ish.

Here is a Sami (the nomadic people of Sweden) traditional mud hut. I wouldn’t want to live there, and I am sure they don’t nowadays either. Here is M looking miserable at the thought of living in a Sami hut.



We were informed there were no more telephone booths in all of Stockholm. The last one was removed several months ago. But we found one in Skansen!

Sweden's last telephone booth


For the 100 Krona entrance fee, I think its totally worth visiting the site. Yes, there are lots of children but it is quite educational and interesting. There is lots to see and you can probably spend a few hours or more there.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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