We flew to Stockholm Skavsta airport which is the airport Ryanair goes to. This was M’s first time with Ryanair, so exciting stuff!

For some strange reason I didn’t expect snow in Stockholm. Obviously I was proven wrong with this view from the plane.


We stayed at M’s Aunty place in Järna and greatly enjoyed her hospitality and food. On our first morning, M’s cousin Vk showed us around in the warmth of a car and I got to try my first Semla. A Semla is a seasonal pastry for Fat Tuesday. A bun with marzipan and whipped cream. nom nom nom

A Semla: Whipped cream & Marzipan

Here is the view of Stockholm, I can’t say it was very warm but it is a pretty city. Everyone dresses fashionably as well even in the cold which is a nice change.



We visited M’s childhood apartment and his neighbourhood. Apparently, Stockholm’s central apartments are in such high demand, from the moment you turn 18 you have to sign your name up to a waiting list to get an apartment. The waiting list can take decades!

Martin old apartment complex

We also walked around the old town and found the narrowest street. Here is Vk and M squeezing through the street.


We didn’t try too much food in town as I had delicious home cooked meals everyday. I have been told that Swedish beer is terrible and most people eat at home due to the high costs of eating out. Instead, people engage in “Fika” which is equivalent to having coffee with friends. We did try out Max burger which tastes good but I don’t know if it was worth 61sek (~$10Cad) for a burger + small fries + pop.

A great stay and I look forward to coming back in the summer when it isn’t -10c.

Travel tip: if you are travelling anywhere in Stockholm, it is a good deal to get the 3 day pass.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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