After a bus ride where we were fed ice-cream and given proper coffee, we arrived in snowy Gdansk where to grandmother’s house we go.

Here is M shovelling show for his grandmother.
Shovelling grannys' stairs

The next day was nice and sunny so we went to nearby Sopot to admire the beach. Unfortunately it wasn’t beach season but I did get to admire to Baltic Sea.


Clearly the surf gets quite strong as these were the lampposts next to the ocean. A work of art by nature for sure.

Lamps turned ice sculptures by the Baltic Sea

Then off we went to see the old city. Very quaint, but I am getting the feeling that all old cities are very quaint.

IMG_3970 IMG_3973

We weren’t extremely productive in Gdansk. Just lazed around (spent one day doing absolutely nothing while M put up curtains), and ate granny’s delicious Polish foods and cakes. Aunty D was most helpful and wouldn’t let me do anything.

I learn’t a few things about Poland’s TV entertainment during my stay in Gdansk. Everything is dubbed over the original English voices quite poorly such that you hear 2 languages at once. Also there is also only one man doing all the characters, such that the same man is every character, be it the male, female and child. This gets very confusing!

Travel tip: Polskibus seems to have the best prices for travelling around Poland and neighbouring countries. Wifi is provided. Much faster than train travel.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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