Malbork & Torun

From Gdansk we made a day trip to Malbork, the largest gothic castle in Europe. It was quite impressive. We were informed by a nice passerby that there was a free guide service, of course she only spoke Polish but luckily I had a translator.

Malbork castle was the seat of the grand master of the Teutonic order (German Crusaders). Apparently the Teutonic knights were pretty brutal and loved torturing prisoners. Their castles often had a big dudgeon or torture chamber but this castle (Malbork) was also partly a church and was more a scientific R&D so sadly (or happily) to dungeon. This castle is actually 3 castles in one, has 3 gates and 2 moats; pretty well defended!

The castle is bigger than the picture but it wouldn’t fit the frame:



In 1945 after WWII the castle looked pretty ruined from German and Russian bombings. When the Russians took over Poland they wanted to destroy the castle and use the scraps as building material, luckily Polish people successfully campaigned against that and restoration work has been ongoing.

Before restoration after WWII


M has a fear of being crushed…


After we left Gdansk enroute to Poznan we detoured to Torun, the birthplace of Copernicus, the guy who said the earth orbited around the sun. Torun is known as the last city in Poland to exhibit real gothic architecture as it wasn’t bombed during WWII. Walking around the streets we got the sense it would be real nice to see it in the summer.

However, this was our view of the city…

Where is it?

Torun is also famous for it’s gingerbread cookies. No pictures as we ate it all already…

Tip: there is a free tour that comes with the Malbork castle entrance ticket. The ticket counter stated English guide was available but ours only spoke Polish.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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