We stopped for 10 hours in Vilnius on our way to Poland. When we arrived the city had just finished snowing so we were glad to have missed that as neither M nor I are adequately dressed. I have to say I am getting really tired of sub 0 temperature.

A square that had all the snow shovelled

We found that Lithuania is more expensive than Latvia so our diet that day was mostly bread. M was not too happy about that.

After a stroll around the old city which included looking at more churches we decided to check out 2 museums.

The Money Museum of Lithuania was free so we checked that out. It was actually quite interesting especially for me as I am quite interested in macro economics. We left after one of the staff got mad at a bunch of us for misusing the computer systems. They did have a cool stash of foreign currencies though.

Next up was the KGB museum or also known as the occupation of Lithuania museum. It talked about the occupation of Lithuania by the Germans and Russians during the 20th century and their resistance movement. As I am not to familiar with the communist regime of the USSR I found it quite interesting.

Where the prisoners had to wait while being processed


The padded cell. It smelled bad. Where they used to tortue inmates

The basement of the museum was actually the old KGB prison. It was quite depressing. Especially the padded cell full of stains where they tortured their victims. The prison smelled unpleasant as if the stench of death never got cleaned. The shooting room still had their bullet holes. Unpleasant stuff but a necessary reminder to our past.


After that we walked up to the remnants of the old fortress of Vilnius to catch the sunset then proceeded to spend the next bit looking for a cheap place to eat before we caught the night bus to Warsaw.

Travel tip: Leaving the country? Check Lux express or Simple Express for good deals.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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