We arrived in Berlin after an overnight stopover in Poznan. The first evening we were there it was snowing quite a bit , and the snow continued on and off for the duration of our stay. Having been in Berlin during the summer, I must say I greatly miss the beer gardens around the Tiergarden…

Anyways, we toured the very large city and walked a lot. Berlin is the largest city in Germany and has a lot of history.

Here is M and his ” snowman” at the Tiergarden.


The East Side Gallery, which is the last remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall. It doesn’t look too hard to climb over now, but back in the day there was actually two walls running parallel to each other an in between the wall were mines, spot lights, watch towers and soldiers told to shoot to kill.



This is one of my favourite memorial site. It was made for the Jewish holo cast memorial; I was told that it is to make the viewers disorientated. The site was extremely icy when we went and I slipped on my ass like a loser.


Apparently Berlin is where the original “western donair/kebab ” was invented. (The one we all eat drunk) The most famous spot in Berlin is called Mustafas Donair and the 30 min lineup did not disappoint. It was HUGE.

We ended our stay in Berlin going out to a club that used to be an old power plant. In Canada most popular clubs play Top 40s, in Europe they play House/ Trance. Berlin clubs also open till 8am, I have no idea how people do that unless they are on E. Still, we had a good time and left Berlin with just some tired legs.

Travel tip: Polskibus seems to have the best prices for travelling around Poland and neighbouring countries. Wifi is provided. Much faster and cheaper than train travel.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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