Prague is an extremely beautiful city; there are many old cities in Europe but Prague has to be the prettiest. The fifty million other tourist likely do not disagree with me, I have never seen so many tourists during the off-season. I wonder how Prague looks like in the summer with a sea of tourists snapping away.



We joined another free walking tour in Prague. And wow there are a lot of “free” walking tours! Prague is so pretty because it wasn’t very damaged in WWII.

The astrological clock:
Apparently after the clock maker completed this masterpiece, not wanting other cities to have a similar masterpiece they cut the clockmaker tongue and blinded him.



St.Vitus Cathedral (maybe)


Czech’s are also known for its beer. Beer is cheaper than water.

The one annoying thing about Prague is that because there are so many tourists everyone who works with tourists tries to rip you off. Our lunch that was supposed to only cost max $17 somehow came to $26 with all the hidden fees such as ” cover charge”, “service charge” and a lot of bullshit. We cooked at the hostel after that.

Good meal, but not the price:


So Prague is definitely worth visiting but everyone be weary of who is ripping you off, especially in restaurants!

Travel tips:
-Check for cover charges before entering restaurant
– Don’t eat anything you didn’t specifically order

Travel tip: Orangeways seems to have the best prices for travelling from Berlin to Prague. 2 tickets for $40cad, and half the price if you manage to get it dying their “happy hour”. Even at $40 that was half the price of its next competitor, Student Agency.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

3 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Yes, it is St. Vitus Cathedral, during summer most of the tourist are at the sea, so it is either the same or a bit less crowdy than in spring and winter and autumn :-).

    Sorry that you had problems with the restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that “everyone who works with tourists tries to rip you off”. I work with tourist in Prague and I don’t try to rip you or anyone else off. And maybe you were wrong with the calculation or you read wrongly the menu, but mostly there is nothing “hidden” (like more fee) everywhere, the pricing and menus are standard like in other cities I visited – some places with couvert and service not included. How many experiences of ripping you in Prague you had?

    Sorry, i just feel offended.

    And BTW, the clockmaker was not blinded, it is just story for tourist told by “free” tours, to entertain and to make fun for people who prefer cheap tour with non-professional guide (without exams) in a big group of tourists to gain some tip.

    1. I’m sorry but you are wrong. I’ve been in Prague for 2 days now and everyone is trying to rip me off. Despite the fact that it is a very beautiful city, tourists are treated like crap and every food place is a total rip off: service costs, “music” costs, portion size rip off and so on. I will never come back to Prague, I will advice all my friends never to go here and I am sorry I still have to be in here for 3 more days (and you can imagine that I was looking forward to this trip for more than 1 year)!

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