Krakow, Weiliczka, and Auschwitz

After a gruelling 8 hour journey in which I leant Polish trains are incredibly slow, we arrived in Krakow, Poland.

Krakow was one of the few cities in Poland that was not destroyed in WWII and in the past it was the old capital so it has got quite a bit of history. We checked out the castle, old city, and Jewish district. Krakow has a lot of churches.


While in Krakow we visited the Weiliczka Salt Mine. The salt mine made Krakow rich and because of its many years of operations the miners carved amazing things into the mine. It really does look like a scene of Moria in Lord of the Rings. The tickets were a bit pricey for our budget but luckily we joined the Polish speaking tour and got student rate. ( M translated). This dropped the per person rate from around 76zloty to only 44zloty. Regardless of the prices, this mine is totally worth going to.


We also made a trip to Auschwitz/ Oswiecim. This trip is self explanatory and very sad. A Turkish guy tagged along with us and he was fine except he wanted to take pictures/pose in front of everything. I mean, I get that you want to tell your friends you went to Auschwitz but is 20 photos of you surrounded by death necessary ?! Also he made terrible jokes like “You still have hair!” to me After we just visited the part where there is a huge gallery of people’s hair being forcibly shaved and turned into textiles.


But I digress, Aushwitz is totally worth going to (and its free!) Many Jews, Poles, Russians, gypsies, and others died and it is defiantly a place to reflect on the worst of mankind. We went by minibus/ van which leaves and picks up every 20mins; we met some people who were waiting for the regular bus and the busses only come every 2 hours on weekdays. It’s cold, spend the extra 4 zloty!

I finally had my first perogies and they were nom nom nom. Krakow’s old town is full of tourist restraints so we thought 9zloty for 9 perogies were a steal.

We also found this amazing restaurant/ beer hall called Pod Wawelem. It was packed on a Monday night, probably because their 1L beer mass was only 7 zlotys! ($2.33 cad). Their food was pretty epic and large, a 29zloty dish fed both me and M.


Krakow is great but it is still freezing and snowing. Next time M and I come back will be only in the summer.

Travel Tip: Take the mini buses departing from bus station to go to Auschwitz as they are much more frequent that busses.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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