Plitvice Lakes National Parks

We arrived in Croatia at the start of the Easter long-weekend. We checked the weather forecast for Plitvice Lakes National Park for the long weekend and it was going to be…rain on Saturday and snow on Sunday. So rain it was.

The Zagreb bus terminal turned out to be very confusing and bureaucratic. One could not simply buy 2 single one-way tickets from the bus station but only round trip tickets were available if they were for the same bus company. However we did not think there was enough time to sightsee with a round trip ticket as it was at an odd hour so we decided to take a chance and wait for the buses there.

We arrived at Plitvice to find that only half the park was open due to flooding of the lower portions. It was very beautiful but foggy.

Not impressed

its wet! IMG_4261 IMG_4275 IMG_4294

We were done visiting the Park at 12:15pm, the lady in the park said the next bus would come at 12:50pm, it didn’t. We met 2 Brits who were told a bus would come at 10:30am, it didn’t, so they were still waiting. A bus finally came at 1:45pm, we were pretty cold. Be careful when you go to Plitvice in the off-season, clearly transportation times are off.

Travel tip: make sure you check bus times before departing from Zagreb.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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