We arrived in Zagreb for the Easter holiday. It rained the entire time and everything was closed.

The hostel we stayed at (***Malik***) had only one good thing; we managed to get our laundry done for free due to the kindness of a hostel staff. Other than that we had a bad impression of the hostel:

1)The manager’s friend stole our food from the fridge while we were 2 meters from him. We confronted him and made him pay us back for our lost cheese, meat and beer. His excuse was “I don’t speak English”. Well, screw you too.

2)Some guy starts practicing the piano at 6am in the morning. The piano is situated right outside our room. When M asked him to stop playing he stares at M as if he doesn’t understand and replies, ” I will play quieter”.

We left Zagreb on the earliest train at 630am. When we left, it was snowing…

Here are some photos, hope someone else has a better stay than us!


Celebrating Easter:


Stone gate chapel, people praying with a road in between:Stone Gate Chapel, people were praying and there is a road right through it.

National Pride:



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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