From Split we took a ferry ride to the town of Jelsa on Hvar island. I had booked a little studio apartment on Airbnb for some rest and relaxation, it was only $30/night and steps from the sea.

When we arrived the sun was setting and it was beautiful! I couldn’t stop taking photos.

Town of Jelsa:

sunset on Jelsa

The day after was M birthday, we checked out the neighbouring town of Vrboska and hiked a bit up to a small village called Vrbranj. All the towns and village were pretty sleepy, I guess they only liven up for summer when the tourists come as most of the restaurants were completely closed.


He's jumping

The last full day there we really didn’t do much but just strolled into Jelsa to get groceries, beer and ice cream. Our Airbnb host gave us some home cooked/marinated sardines. Later when we started cooking dinner at around 830pm the power went off! Luckily M had a flashlight and the stove was powered by a propane tank, so M actually made really decent meatballs and we had a really tasty meal in the dark. Our hosts came by to give us a wind up lantern so that was nice.

Cooking in our Studio, then power outage. Luckily stove uses propane tank

The town of Jelsa only has one ferry a day and it leaves at 6am. Our host drove us to another town to grab a later ferry so here is a shout out to them for being great AirBnB hosts!

Hvar island is so pretty with its crystal clear waters. We hope to come back in the summer to swim around and enjoy good hospitality!

Travel Tips:
-Split to Jelsa departs 4pm, Jelsa to Split departs at 6am. If the times don’t work, go to Stari Grad which has departures 3x a day. ( low season)
-Tourist information centres close at 1 or 2pm
– Not much is open during low season.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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