Split and Trogir

After experiencing cold, wet and rainy Zagreb we decided to take the first train out to Split. When we left Zagreb it was snowing…

The train ride we took was super pretty and we experienced all 4 seasons in the 7 hour ride! 2 hours into the ride we were near Plitvice National Park and it was a winter wonderland. (Luckily this time around we are in the warmth of a train). As we approached Split the sun was shining and the ocean was sparkling. M and I were so giddy from seeing sunshine and having warmth we wore our funky coloured pants to celebrate!

Grips of winter 2 hours into train ride:

Train ride Zagreb to Split

Nearing Split!

Sunshine, no snow and ocean!

Split is another UNESCO city and its claim to fame is its old city being built in the ruins of the Roman Diocletian Palace. Truly this old city is quite extraordinary. If you look around there are Roman columns, big broken marble and ruins scattered around; the streets are narrow and paved with white marble. Yet there are people living all around and within the castle walls, the market is busy and it’s just steps from the sea and promenade.

View of Split Old City/ Diocletian Palace:



We had a great time soaking up the sun rays on the promenade right in front of the old city.


Especially when this happened:

Um... OMG

On our second day it rained, a lot. I had the bright idea of walking to the beach. It rained even harder. Needless to say we both got soaked, especially when a SUV decided to drench us by speeding up while driving through a HUGE puddle.

2nd day in Split, torrential rain

At night we met some hostel-mates and started chatting…and drinking. In Croatia you can buy beer in 2L bottles (or more) and somehow we polished off 10L of beer between the 4 of us. The next morning, having to check out at 10am was a little rough.

3 sizes: 0.5l, 1l, 2l:


Before we left for the ferry to Hvar island we took a side trip to Trogir, yet another UNESCO city about 30km from Split. It’s another pretty city enclosed by a medieval wall. We had a short stroll around and had some pizza before we hopped back on the bus to catch the ferry.

We stopped by Split again for a day after Hvar. For some reason we chose to sit yet again on the docks where all the Croatian men chose to relieve themselves into the sea. Hot stuff ! We ended the night going to a night club called O’Hara; it was pretty local and M felt really old because of the beard he is currently growing. O’Hara is definitely a place for flashbacks of the 70s, 80s and 90s. I am surprised all the kids in the club knew the songs and lyrics, I still have Grease hits stuck in my head.

We are off again, this time to Dubrovnik.

Travel Tips:

– A lot of travel guides recommend restaurant ” Fife Buffet”, don’t go there. Waiter is bad but food is horrible. My soup tasted like salt water, M’s dish had soggy fries and tasteless main. Other patrons were not impressed as well.
– Buy beer at the kiosk and drink beer at the promenade to the right. Its not ‘legal’, but everyone does it.
– Croatia train line is currently Having a promotional fare Zagreb-Split. 111Kuna for 1 way, 222 Kuna for return plus tax. It’s a 7hr ride vs a 5hr ride on the bus. But it’s more comfy, super scenic and probably a savings of 80Kuna for 2 people.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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