The drive from Dubrovnik to Kotor was quite stunning with lots of hairpin turns and some reckless driving. Kotor is situated in the Bay of Kotor and is the deepest natural fjord in the Mediterranean sea. As usual, it was a UNESCO site.

Kotor fortressWhen we arrived at the bus station in Kotor, we were greeted by this young guy asking us “Apartment?” we said “No”, then he kept persisting saying “Booking?” and we said “No thanks, we already have a booking.” Finally he asked us “Canadians?”, turns out he was working for the hotel we had booked and had come to pick us up! That was nice.

We decided to splurge on dinner as we had been eating quite simple and the hotel worker suggested a restaurant called Bastion. Turns out there was 2 “Bastions” about 10m from each other. The one within the city walls had prices about 3x that of the other Bastion so we opted for the cheaper one (which was the one he recommended). The food was delicious, although we learnt that Montenegrin and Serbian food consists of cheese, cheese and more cheese. My greek salad was actually some tomatoes and cucumbers and enough cheese to cover the bowl. M’s salad was one lettuce leaf and 3 scoops of cheese. Also, the wine was good and we easily polished of a 1L bottle of wine which was a mere 8Euros.

My salad:

This is a salad

Good Montenegrian/Serbian food. 30 Euros for 1app+2salad+2main+1Lwine

The next day we walked up to the fortification of Kotor. The hotel worker suggested an alternative pathway up the fortification that was free. Of course we took his suggestion. Actually it turned out to be the better route because instead of climbing through the castle, we climbed along the side so that we could see the fortress as a whole. The view was stunning. At the top of the path we found a few houses where people still reside in it. As the path is only a footpath, these residents must have to trek 45 mins up the hill and back down to get groceries or get into town.

Small church at top

To get into the castle via our alternate path, we had to climb through the castle side “door” or “window”. The view was amazing, actually I think Kotor in general has the most epic view of any of the towns we have visited so far. Really really pretty.


Kotor and surronding

Afterwards we lazed about and caught a bus early next morning to Albania. Along the way we passed by the famous semi-island of Sveti Stefan. Apparently its a private resort now but it used to be a fisherman village. I am just really glad I managed to take a picture before the bus sped away.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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