Cost of trip so far

To make sure we are not overspending, we have been keeping track of our daily spending with a very nifty iphone app. The app then allows you to export the file into excel to make pretty charts. Here is the cost breakdown for each country; all prices are in Canadian dollars. For the 12 countries we have been to so far, our spending has been $77.17 per day or $38.59 per person. Our pre-trip cost (Flight and insurance was $1306.82)



This cost breakdown chart shows food at 24%, this includes alcohol prices. In Poland and Sweden we spent a total of 9 days staying for free courtesy of M’s relatives so this lowered accommodation costs (especially in Sweden).

cost breakdown UntitledI will try to keep this chart updated.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

3 thoughts on “Cost of trip so far

  1. This is great – it’s really rare to see people posting actual daily costs of travel and yet it’s something that everyone seems very keen to know when planning a trip! What app are you using?

    1. Trail wallet , the app itself does a great pie chart of your monthly spending and tells you if you are over your daily budget but if you want to post on your blog you will need to export your spending into .csv and edit on excel

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