After doing nothing in Thessaloniki because there wasn’t much to do, we went to Rome. There was a lot to do in Rome and we walked a lot. Rome is expensive to stay in and it totally threw our budgeting down the drain. This time we stayed in a 4 bed dorm and each bed cost $33-$40 per person depending on the day of week!  Luckily the location was central, there was a kitchen where we could whip up some good food and they gave us free pizza and wine one night.

On our first day we went to see the Colosseum, it is just as impressive as I thought it would be. I wish I was alive in the Roman times to see gladiators fight. We didn’t go in however, but next time!


The area behind Colosseum. We didn’t pay so we only got the overhead shot:


Rome, as everyone knows, is a big, grand and old city. There are a million monuments and famous things to see.

We thought the Trevi Fountain was incredible and overpowering given it basically takes up the entire square it is built on.

Trevi Fountain

However, the other 1 million tourists that day also found the Fountain to be incredible. We tried taking a photo in front of it.


Where am I among the tourist hord?

Rome is so grand it is a bit overwhelming at times with the large amount of important buildings one must see. Walking from monument to monument  along with the large amount of hawkers, and tourists makes the whole city a little tiring at times. (But worth it!)


M really wanted to see the pope statue:


We also quickly realized Italians are crazy drivers, I think at a certain point the owners of the car just stop repairing them:

A lot of cars in Italy look like this


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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