Catania & Siracusa

From Salerno we caught a direct train to Catania. The highlight of the train trip was definitely crossing the body of water between mainland Italy and Sicily; the train hitches a ride with a ferry that has built in rail tracks! Unfortunately the price of the train ticket was not so cool: €95 for 2 people!

We got into Catania late at night and found ourselves in a lovely studio right in the heart of town. Sicily doesn’t have cheap accommodations and hostels are sparse and expensive. Luckily there is AirBnB to rely on: 2 spots in a 6 bed dorm room would have cost us $56 while a studio with kitchen, laundry, high ceilings with wooden beams from AirBnB costs $63, the studio was a no brainer decision. Unfortunately the first thing we did arriving into town was both step on the same giant doggy doo.

Our first day at Catania was labour day, so naturally nothing was open, and there was no transit. So we did nothing all day except laundry. Our second day we explored around town, Catania is right near Mt Etna and makes use of the volcanic rock for building. Catania has a real ominous feel to it with its black buildings and pavement: kinda cool!

“U Liotru”, the Elephant statue symbol of Catania:


Catania fish market, giant swordfish for sale:IMG_5183

From Catania we took a day trip to Siracusa or Syracuse. Siracusa is the opposite of Catania in that architecturally everything is white and light. It was a pretty little city, we walked around and took some photos.

Basilica of Santa Lucia:



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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