Palermo & Agrigento

After spending 3 nights in Palermo M and I have concluded we didn’t really like it.

When we first arrived to Palermo it was raining , so this made the city look gloomy and depressing. The city is not pedestrian friendly at all: all the sidewalks are either taken over by parked cars, broken or has dog poop. Lastly the sights are not so spectacular



Perhaps the only saving grace was our good AirBnB host who took us out at night for drinks. Palermo does have a lively night life.

We took a day trip to Bragharia where we went to this Trattoria called Trattoria Brittatta that had been sampled by M’s parents 13 years prior. We found absolutely no mention of this trattoria online or on Tripadvisor so we were hoping the restaurant was still in business. Luckily it is still operating and has an extremely dingy sign. It is a strange restaurant because to enter you need to ring a doorbell and they have to release lock to let you out. I am guessing it has something to do with the mob around town. Anyways when we walked by at around 2pm it looked totally dead from the outside bit when we were let in, the restaurant turned out to be packed and we had to wait a bit for seats. We had the Pasta with Sardines and Calamari, delicious and reasonably priced.




We also took a day trip to Agrigento which is 2 hours away by bus. The Valley of Temples are from the Greek period and the temples are in better shape and condition than most temples in mainland Greece. Certainly in better condition than the Acropolis and there are no scaffolding! We thought Agrigento was well worth a day trip even if it was a bit pricy for our backpackers budget.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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