For our final stop in Italy, we flew from Trapani in Sicily to Bologna. Why did we fly all the way to Bologna? Because Ryanair only flies to Crete from Rome, Venice, Milan and Bologna and since I have been to the thirst 3 cities already, Bologna it was and it turned out to be an excellent choice. As it turns out Bologna is a very pretty and clean city with excellent food and shopping. In fact, it was ranked as the best city in Italy to live in and I won’t disagree with that.

We had originally planned on exploring the city more extensively but that plan fell through when we were told each left luggage was going to cost 5 Euros for 4 hours! We did walk around slowly and shopped a bit. Bologna has very nice architecture and all the buildings have a red theme to it. M and I really like Bologna and will definitely come back, though with more coins in our purse because it’s an expensive city!


Neptune Fountain:


Torre degli Asinelli (Tower of the Asinelli) and Torre dei Garisenda (Tower of the Garisenda). Torre dei Garisenda  has a lean of over 3m:


With that, we went back to the Airport and slept over night there. Luckily we found some leather deck chairs to snooze in and with that our time in Italy ended.

This time in Italy has been my longest consecutive stay in the country and I feel like I have experienced enough of the country to have an opinion of it. I like Italy and have been there multiple times but I still feel I have much to see in Italy. (Definitely want to go back to Sardinia and see the smaller cities of Northern Italy next time) However, overall I don’t really love Italy like so many other tourists do as I find the people of Italy are either a hit or a miss. (really nice or extremely unhelpful) Perhaps it’s because I think Italians (some) are often trying to squeeze money out of tourists or I have always visited Italy as a poor backpacker or as a child.  Anywho, I think the next time I come back I will not come back as a poor backpacker because Italy definitely sucks money out of you and when you are over budget everyday by 50% it takes some joy out of experiencing a country. So Italy, we will be back but not for a while!


Travel Tip: To get from Bologna airport to city centre one can either take the shuttle which costs 6 Euros each way or take the local bus which costs 1.5 Euros each way (you do need to change busses but it’s easy and frequent). The local busses comes frequently though the one to the airport stops at 730pm, ask the info ladies as they are quite helpful.



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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