Chania, Crete

After 2 consecutive days of flying, and sleeping in airports we were pretty tired when we reached Crete. As luck would have it, our hotel let us check in early so we could catch up on some snoozes. It’s funny how a few weeks back, we left Greece to go to Macedonia because we thought Greece was expensive. After 2 weeks it Italy, we now think Greece is SO cheap. It is so exciting to find good hotels for $30 Cad a night again. Our hotel in Crete was pretty nice, it had a balcony with ocean view!

Originally we thought about doing the famous Samaria Gorge but we only had 2 days in Crete and Chania has a pretty nice beach, so we spent most of our time there!

I am tanned!:


Chania old town is extremely touristy with not too many sites except for the lighthouse.

This is how restaurants prepare their Calmarai, by drying them in the sun:

nom nom nom


This is how a restaurant owner attracts customers:


After 2 relaxing days, we took a bus to Crete capital Heraklion to catch the ferry to Santorini. We took the slow ferry that departs once a week on Sunday as it was more than half the price of a Catamaran. Unfortunately the ferry is frequently delayed, this time by 4.5 hours. But eventually we got to Santorini.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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