Onwards ho to Turkey to get our fill of turkeys!

We took the ferry from Kos to Bodrum. The immigration guy said I needed to get a visa for my HK passport which would cost €15. Ignoring the giant queue behind me, I repeatedly insisted I did not require one and after 5 mins I walked away with a stamp.

Bodrum is a tourist town though less so than Kos. There are lots of wooden sailboats in Bodrum, I would love to go for a sail around Bodrum next time. When we arrived it was a holiday, Commemoration of Aaturk and every Turkish person was marching and chanting with flags to the city centre. Lots of national pride! Of course it was the one time I didn’t bring a camera.


Bodrum isn’t very big and most stores cater to tourists and most restaurants have workers tying to lure you in. Luckily Tripadvisor pointed out all the good eats. After walking around the nice promenade and browsing at the tourist stores we tried to find a beach to lay on, but unfortunately all the free space is taken over by restaurants and their deck chairs. We didn’t want to pay overpriced food or drinks so we relaxed at our hotel pool.


Our hotel was pretty awesome, when we arrived they gave us free bottle of wine, the breakfast was delicious and the pool was cool. We liked it so much we spent an extra night there. Interestingly their rate was $10 more expensive than their real rate so that was unfortunate for us.

After so many days of Greek food (mostly gyros) we had a welcome change to Turkish food. I am so happy Turkish people eat rice; I am tempted to order just a plate of rice and munch on it. We also tried Turkish kebab, it is much less greasy and healthier then Greek gyros or their exported kebab stores worldwide. We like Turkish food as it is varied, delicious and affordable.

After another relaxing 2 days we hopped on the bus to the Cotton Castle!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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