Pamukkale is one of those natural wonders of the world that must be seen to be believed. After arriving in the evening we decided to go for a late dinner before retiring. Unfortunately we went to eat in the one tourist street and ultimately got bland food for a high price. Lesson learnt: Trip advisor before eating!

After breakfast we headed out to Pamukkale which was about a 50m walk from our hotel. The entrance fee is 20TL and includes both Pamukkale and Hierapolis which is the ancient Roman ruins above the travertines.

The springs are both warm in some places and hot in others. Many people wore bathing suits to soak in the pools. Alternatively there is a Roman bathhouse to swim in at the top for 25 extra Liras.


There are two entrances, one at the bottoms of the hill and the other one at the top near Hierapolis. It seems like all the tour busses (and there are a lot of them) park at the top and the tour bus visitors tend to cling to the top pools. So we found that there was more free space to soak or take photos of the pools near the bottom of the travertines.

My cotton castle:


Pools to soak in:


At the top is the ancient city of Hierapolis. It has a nice semi-restored amphitheatre. We would have looked at the ruins longer but it was extremely hot that day:


The springs are running out of water and/or are being redirected to the main tourist path. This is unfortunate because you see large portions of dried out travertines. However even if the pools are not like what it once was its still a sight to behold. Go before the pools are all dried up!

A bit dried up here:



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

One thought on “Pamukkale

  1. Hi! Can I use the photo of the amphitheater for a graphic design project ? It’s not for a commercial use.
    If I can, thanks for giving me the name of the photograph I will mention in the credits.

    Have a good day.
    All apologies for my english

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