We went to Selcuk for one reason: see the famous ruins of Ephesus. We didn’t go! We realized we were totally “ruined-out” having just gone to Hierapolis/ Pammukale the day before. So instead we went to the town of Sirince which is famous for its Ottoman houses. The ride to Sirince costs 3 Lira each way.


I think we were too spoiled by the Ottoman houses in Berat, Albania. The houses and cobbled streets in Berat was in a lot better condition and overall the town was not touristy at all compared to Sirance. Berat is also bigger and has an amazing fortress at the top of the hill, but whose comparing! Still it was a nice afternoon visit.

The house is falling:


We spent the rest of the afternoon around Selcuk. Men working in the out ancient sites were all walking up to us trying to sell us ancient coins. Who knows if they are real of not. Selcuk has an imposing castle, but unfortunately it has been closed for a few years. Interestingly, we walked by a man and he was trying to sell us a tour to the castle, when we told him that we thought it was closed, he replied with “I have a key!”. Naturally, we declined his offer.

Lots of stork nests in Selcuk:



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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