There really wasn’t too much to do or see in Ankara. We went to Ankara only to apply for and receive M’s Kazakhstan visa.

Ankara has a very orderly feel to it compared to Istanbul, probably due to the face that it’s the capital of Turkey. It didn’t seem as lively as Istanbul though. On our first day there we got to Ankara in the evening where we walked around and stared at a giant statue of Ataturk, the nations founder and national hero.


The next morning we took the bus to the Kazakhstan embassy which was in the very souther edge of the city. The embassy worker told us to come back in several days so we hopped on he bus to Cappadocia the same day.

After we were done with Cappadocia we went back to Ankara to pick up the visa. We chose a different accommodation this time because the last hotel and really bad sewage problems. (It stank). This time around we got on the wrong bus to the embassy and had to take a taxi the rest of the way in order to not be late. After that we took a bus for 12 hours to another city.

Travel Tip: If going to the Kazakhstan embassy or any of the ones near it take the busses that say “Or-an”.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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