Apologies for the long delay in posts, we have had less than optimal internet for quite a while. We are currently in Kazakhstan and WordPress is blocked. We have a work around, but posting images have been tricky…

Cappadocia is probably one of the most famous places in Turkey as it is famous for its “Fairy Chimneys”. In the past people use to carve homes out of the rock formations. Nowadays only a few people live in them but you can still walk around and see all the old houses.

Old houses, the rocks are quite breakable so some of the houses have caved in. Many of the houses entrance are built far above ground. How did old ladies get up them?


We spent a day walking around Rose and Red Valley. Or at least attempted the route because the trails aren’t very well signposted. The scenery was spectacular.


We didn’t join any tours or go into the Goreme Open Air museum. We just wandered around the trails and climbed into the empty houses to check it out. The rooms inside the chimneys are quite roomy and cool, though access to it often requires a steep climb or questionable “ladder- steps”. People used to carve holes high up the chimneys to make pigeon holes so they could collect the poop for fertilizer. The holes are so high up that I think one misstep would mean a nasty fall to death.


Super spectacular place!


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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