Tbilisi is a lively place compared to the rest of the country. When we arrived I had no reservation to any hostel, nor did I know where any hostel was. Luckily in the old town there is free wifi. In the end we found a great hostel that looked like a giant loft/ yoga studio with yummy breakfasts. We met a lot of bikers there who were all planning on going to Baku, Azerbaijan to catch the ferry across the Caspian Sea so they could continue to cycle to China.

Since we only had one day in town, we decided to climb the fortress at the top of the hill to get a good look at the city.

M is not happy with me climbing up some broken wall to take this photo:

Martin not impressed with me


Of course at the top of the fortress there is a cross:

IMG_6047And here is a nice view of the city:


After a few hours of strolling we decided to end our visit with some Georgian wine. It was ‘meh’, the Georgian wine bought in Vancouver definitely tasted better.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

2 thoughts on “Tbilisi

  1. Hope you checked out their famed Khachapuri too? I found it to be quite delicious and filling.
    Also, do you remember the name of the hostel where you spent the night. I am planning an iffy trip to Tbilisi sometime next year.

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