Tongren 同仁

From Xiahe we took a bus ride to Tongren in Qinghai province. Tongren is famous for its Thangkas monk artist.

The bus ride scenery was spectacular as we were about 3000m up when we started the ride. The Tibetan plateau is amazing. Twice though due to rain the past days we had to stop since trucks were getting stuck in the mud. Eventually after some digging we were on our way.

Morning on the Tibetan Plateau:


Stuck in the mud:


Tibetan nomads and the herd:


Prayer flags along the highway:

Tibetan prayer flags

We went to Tongren with a British guy we had met in the hostel in Xiahe. We explored the upper and lower Wutong monastery 五屯寺. A monk showed us around the grounds of the lower monastery and his amazing Thangka. We seemed to the only tourists and the monk said few people come by to the monastery which is surprisingly given their famous art work.

The Monks Tangka in progress, 20 days in, 6 weeks to go:


Avalokiteśvara (Sahasrabhujalokeshvara) , 1000 hands and eyes :





After a few hours around the monastery spinning lots of prayer wheels we caught a ride to XiNing.

Near Tongren:



Approaching Tongren, yellow flowers everywhere


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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