Luoyang 洛阳

From Xi’an we took a bus to Luoyang. This time we opted for a hard seat on the train since it was only 5h long, I think I prefer the bus for these short journeys. Many people had no seats and were thus sleeping on the floor, under the table, behind the door, etc. I felt squished.

Our hostel was located right next to the nigh market which was very nice. We ate a lot of skewers.

We went to Longmen Grottoes, which is super famous for its buddhist carvings. There are 10,000+ carvings of all size. The Cultural Revolution destroyed many of them. It was so incredibly hot and humid I felt like I was melting so probably was not enjoying the day as much as I should have:


IMG_6731 IMG_6738 IMG_6723

Afterwards, we made a rushed trip to the Shaolin temple. The Shaolin temple is where all kid monks study their kung fu. Its not very zen since there are a million tourists. The grounds are very large and if we had more time one could spend more hours wandering around their grounds.

We saw some fat kid Shaolin monks, which I thought was pretty funny since they have to exercise and do kung fu everyday. Some of the monks were not more than 5 years old, very young to be leaving home.


I took several videos of their Kung fu moves but sadly internet is way too slow to upload video here. So just imagine kids doing crazy moves!

There was a very neat demonstration by the monks:


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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