Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace 龙脊梯田

We took a chartered bus (50 Yuan) from Guilin to Dazhai village. The entrance fee for the rice terrace is 40 Yuan for students, 80 Yuan for adults. Anyways, we decided to hike from Dazhai village to Ping’an village which was a 4-5h hike and the Danish couple decided to come with.

The hike was very pretty but the best part was at the end when we were approaching the village of Ping’an.  I will let the pictures do the talking…

The incredibly lazy way, pay 4 guys to carry you while you have a smoke:


Village of Ping’an:IMG_7114

The No.1. Scenic Spot (that’s the official name), and no kidding it is pretty:


Miles and miles of rice terrace, FYI the terraces were all carved out by hand over generations:



The hostel food was very meh but we were tired and too lazy to look around for cheap food so we ate and crashed very early for a Friday night. Definitely on of the top 5 prettiest place we have ever been.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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