Guilin 桂林

After our ‘exciting’ 24h train ride to Guilin we followed a Danish couple we had met in Lijiang to their hostel (because we didn’t have any reservations) and got a ridiculously nice and large room for 150 Yuan. Afterwards we immediately went back to the train station in order to secure a sleeper bed to Guangzhou 9 days in advance. They beds were all so out so we got to buy lovely hard seats for our 12h overnight train right. Crikey. At least they were only 100 Yuan each?

Guilin is a pretty nice city surrounded with karst mountains . Most of their income comes from tourists so its pretty clean as well. We spent our first day wandering about town.

Picturesque pagodas in the city:



M truly prepared to live in Asia:

IMG_7006The second day we decided to go on a bike ride with the Danish couple to an old village called Jiangtouzhou. Jiangtouzhou old buildings are actually old and not like the fake ones in Lijiang. Also, every one in that village has the surname Zhou. Lonely planet stated it was 25km away, it was not (more like 34km one way), also LP gave the most round about directions of biking there when we could have gone in a straight line. Anyways, it took us forever to get there but the latter half of the bike ride was very scenic even though it was incredibly hot and I likely got 4 shades darker. The unfortunate Danes we quite pale and looked like they were being cooked. By the time we biked the almost 70km back on single speed bikes, we were exhausted.

Recharging at a roadside watermelon stand, they even gave us a free mini watermelon to eat! (probably because we didn’t bother bargining, but it was only 13 yuan for a 13kg melon!)

A really long bike ride (60km)... watermelon for fuel

Watering hole near Jiuwu 九屋,you can rent a row boat to get to the other side of the tunnel. (or you can swim through but it’s deep, dark, the roof drips and there are birds/bats flying everywhere)

Watering hole near Guilin


Biking the countryside:



Finally our destination:



Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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