Yangshuo 阳朔

After the Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, we went to Yangshuo. Yangshuo is an extremely pretty place located near the Li Jiang and Yu Long rivers.

We spent 6 days in total there relaxing, biking and rock climbing. There are lots of biking activities in Yangshuo and all of the routes are very scenic due to the karst mountains dotted around the countryside. Renting bikes are also very cheap as it only costs 10 Yuan for a single speed bike.

Biking along the Yu Long river:

IMG_7167 IMG_7168

We did not go on the bamboo rafts, but they weren’t too expensive (about 160 Yuan for 2 people for 2 hours). I would recommend going on the rafts on Yu Long river instead of Li Jiang since the Li Jiang ones are motored powered with many passengers while the Yu Long ones only sit 2 people and is human powered.

We also managed to spend 2 days rock climbing. We were pretty rusty (having not climbed in 6 mths) and did not do anything above a 5.9 :P, however it was very fun. Many of the climbs in Yangshuo are within a 15 min bike ride from the town centre. The cheapest place we found that rented gear was Spiderman Climbing which was 180 Yuan/day for all the gear needed for 2 ppl + Grigri. The rope looked new and all the gear was western brands.


We also went ‘swimming’ in the LiJiang river, but it was not so clean since there were people washing their dirty mops right next to me in the river, and some sewage lines. But given the heat, it was very relaxing.

Other than that we hung around our hostel and relaxed. Our hostel had a very nice rooftop with some great views of the karst mountains.


Yangshuo is a great place to end the trip. We were totally relaxed during our 6 days in Yangshuo. Afterwards, we headed back to Guilin to take a lovely 12h hard seat train ride to Guangzhou. (which was actually ok amazingly).

In Guangzhou my parents met us there and treated use to a luxury hotel. It was amazing to see a clean bathtub. And we headed onwards to HK afterwards.

And so our trip ended…


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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