Hiking HK: Tuen Mun to Castle Peak to Butterfly Beach (屯門~青山廟~青山~蝴蝶湾)

After a two month hiatus, I am back! Now that we are living in HK, our blog will have a HK focus unless we go on oversea trips of course!

In August I did a hike from Tuen Mun to Castle Peak to Butterfly Beach.


The first to the temple takes about 10min from the bus stop. I suggest to not linger there too long as I got 30 mosquito bites in 5 minutes.

After the temple you keep heading up. The path is paved and contains lots of staircases. At the top there is an old school weight lifting station and a radio tower.



Coming down, one can backtrack or take the small, unpaved path to butterfly beach. The path isn’t used much and it ended up being a bushwhacking adventure. Luckily there were pink ties that we could follow all the way to the road. The trail is quite tough on the way down but the view is quite nice.



From the beach one can catch the bus back to the MTR.

Trip details:
~from Tuen Mun mtr one can walk or take the bus 506 and get off at St Peters Church.
~full hike is 5h at a leisurely pace.


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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