Infinity pool at Tai O . 大奥萬丈布水澇漕

*** update Nov 2014: it has come to my attention that this infinity pool is now closed! In Oct 2014 people trying to get to the pool were blocked by guards, future access to pool is uncertain. For more pools, try Double Deers in Sai Kung, the waterfalls at Tai Po/ Tai Mo Shan, Bridal Pools at Tai Po ***

There is a ‘natural’ infinity pool in Lantau island. From the Tai O bus stop hike about 1 hour to reach the destination. Very pretty and relaxing. On the day we went it was about 70% expats. Local Hong Kongers fall into 2 categories, those that love the outdoors and those that abhor it. I always see more expats hiking that locals…

Anyways the pool is actually a water catchment and it is nice and deep to swim and hang out in.





The locals are severely underrepresented here…


For more details on how to get there… other websites will explain in more detail. If you go in the weekends, be warned the long bus queues from Tung Chung Mtr station can be quite long. Also there is a huge ‘do no swim’ sign in front of the pool, but everyone ignores that! (Although I do not support any illegal behaviour!)


Hong Kong. Travel. Climb. In that order.

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